Legal Documents
1978 Judgment and 2012 Restated Judgment

The Chino Basin Watermaster was established in 1978 under a Judgment entered in the Superior Court of the State of California for the County of San Bernardino. In September 2012, the Court ordered that the Restated Judgment, incorporating all amendments since 1978, shall serve as the official and legally operative copy of the 1978 Judgment. The Court has subsequently ordered additional amendments to the Judgment, though a further restatement has not been completed.

1978 Judgment Post Trial Memorandum 2012 Restated Judgment Amendments Since 2012

Peace and Peace II Agreements

In July 2000, parties to the Judgment entered into the Peace Agreement. The Agreement outlined the parties’ intent to implement the Optimum Basin Management Program as well as other related responsibilities for Watermaster and the parties. In 2007, the Peace II Agreement was entered into by the parties to the Peace Agreement to maximize the beneficial use of the groundwater and the Basin to further benefit the Basin and the parties to the Judgment.

Peace Agreement First Amendment to the Peace Agreement Second Amendment to the Peace Agreement Peace II Agreement

Optimum Basin Management Program

In 1998 the Court ordered Watermaster to develop the Optimum Basin Management Program (OBMP); Watermaster completed the OBMP in 2000 and IEUA completed a Programmatic Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) for the contemplated activities. The parties developed an Implementation Plan outlining the tasks and projects necessary for implementation and memorialized their agreement to implement the OBMP with the Peace Agreement. As mentioned above the parties entered into the Peace II Agreement to further enhance Basin management; again IEUA certified an environmental report, this time a Subsequent Environmental Impact Report (SEIR). In 2017 IEUA certified an Addendum to the 2000 PEIR certifying that a temporary increase in storage would have no undesirable results. Watermaster updated the OBMP in 2020.

2000 OBMP 2020 OBMP
2000 PEIR Peace II Agreement SEIR 2017 Addendum
OBMP Implementation Plan

Rules & Regulations

The Watermaster Board, Advisory Committee, and the Pool Committees have each developed their own Rules and Regulations (R&R) for their respective administration.

Watermaster R&R (2022) Advisory Committee R&R Overlying (Agricultural) Pool R&R Overlying (Non-Agricultural) Pool R&R Appropriative Pool R&R

Court Filings

Watermaster court filings from 2009 to present are provided for informational purposes.

Court Hearing Transcripts

Watermaster court hearing transcripts from 1977 to present are provided for informational purposes.

Watermaster Board Resolutions

Watermaster Approved Resolutions from 1978 to present are provided for informational purposes.

Pool Committee Resolutions

Pool Committee Resolutions from each of the three Pools are provided for informational purposes.

Judgment Parties and Water Rights History

Listing of original Parties to the Judgment and the history of water rights.


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