Watermaster Pool Committees

Producers in the Chino Basin are represented by one of three Pool Committees:

  1. The Overlying (Agricultural) Pool represents crop and dairy farmers, the State of California, and other minimum pumpers;
  2. The Overlying (Non-Agricultural) Pool represents industrial and other businesses; and
  3. The Appropriative Pool represents cities, water districts, and other water purveyors.

To learn more about the three Pool Committees, see Article V, Section C of the Judgment.

Overlying (Agricultural) Pool
Bob Feenstra
2024 Pool Committee Chair

Ag Concepts

Overlying (Non-Agricultural) Pool
Brian Geye
2024 Pool Committee Chair

California Speedway Corporation

Appropriative Pool
Chris Diggs
2024 Pool Committee Chair

City of Pomona

Miscellaneous Pool Committee Forms

Below are various forms related to one or all three Pool Committees. These forms can also be found on the Forms Page under the tab "Other". If there's a specific form that is missing from the list below, please Contact Us with details of the form you are looking for.

Pursuant to Paragraph 58 of the Chino Basin Restated Judgment, "[a]ny party desiring to be relieved of receiving notices of Watermaster or Committee activity may file a waiver of notice on a form to be provided by Watermaster. Thereafter such party shall be removed from the Active Party list."

Withdrawal from Overlying (Non-Agricultural) Pool Committee. This form should be used by any member of the Overlying (Non-Agricultural) Pool that (a) sells all of its water rights in the Pool and (b) does not intend to produce pool water from the Basin.