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Sustainable Groundwater Management Act


This is a PDF file!Guidance Documents, Bookmarked for easy navigation. (14.3 MB)

Amendments to 2012 Restated Judgment (folder view)

This is a PDF file!2012 Restated Judgment Order

This is a PDF file!2012 Restated Judgment (3.5 MB)
In September 2012, the Court ordered that the Restated Judgment shall serve as the official and legally operative copy of the Judgment.

This is a PDF file!Judgment (3.6 MB)
The Watermaster was established under a Judgment entered in the Superior Court of the State of California for the County of San Bernardino.

This is a PDF file!Peace Agreement (2.9 MB), This is a PDF file!First Amendment to the Peace Agreement 2004 (2.9 MB) and Second Amendment to the Peace Agreement (0.9 MB)
In July 2000, the parties to the Judgment signed the Peace Agreement. The Agreement outlined the parties intent to implement the Optimum Basin Management Plan as well as other related responsibilities for Watermaster and the parties.

This is a PDF file!Peace II Agreement (53 MB)

This is a PDF file!Addendum No. 1 to the OBMP Project

This is a PDF file!OBMP-Implementation Plan (2.7 MB)
With the Peace Agreement, the parties developed an Implementation Plan outlining time frames for implementing tasks and projects in accordance with the Peace Agreement and OBMP.

This is a PDF file!Rules & Regulations (4.2 MB)
Further, the parties developed more detailed Rules & Regulations for Watermaster governance issues.

This is a PDF file!Advisory Committee Rules & Regulations

This is a PDF file!Agricultural Pool Rules & Regulations

This is a PDF file!Non-Agricultural Pool Rules & Regulations
Includes all amendments through May 2015.

This is a PDF file!Appropriative Pool Rules & Regulations

This is a PDF file!1995 Land Use Conversion Judgment Amendment

This is a PDF file!Post Trial Memorandum (381 KB)
This document is a list of Post Trial Memorandums.

This is a PDF file!Forms
Watermaster forms are provided for initiation of various transactions.

Resolutions (folder view)
Watermaster Approved Resolutions from 1978 to present are provided for informational purposes.

Court Filings (folder view)
Watermaster court filings from 2009 to present are provided for informational purposes.

Court Hearing Transcripts (folder view)
Watermaster court hearing transcripts from 1977 to present are provided for informational purposes.

Judgment Party and Water Rights History (folder view)
Listing of original Parties to the Judgment and the history of water rights.


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