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Sustainable Groundwater Management Act


Audited Financial Statements Fiscal June 30, 2019
Watermaster's financial statements are prepared in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America.  Our internally prepared financial statements are audited annually. To view previous years audited financials, please see the section Reports/Annual.

Current Amended Budget 2020-2021
Expenses are allocated by type to the different Pools, based on their prior years production.  The types of expenses generally include:  Administrative, OBMP, Special Project and Replenishment Obligations.

Current Adopted 2019-2020 Assessment Package (Based on Production Year 2018-2019)
The Watermaster levies assessments as its source of revenue to cover its Administrative, OBMP, Special Project & Replenishment costs.  The Assessment Package is prepared annually and assessments are generally billed once a year.

Folder ViewAll Assessment Packages (folder view)

Metropolitan Water District Water Rates and Charges

IEUA Resolution No. 2015-5-10 Imported Water Rates
and Supplemental Surcharge

Water Activity Reports and Paid Assessments Tracker (2020)


Chino Basin Watermaster adheres to the highest professional standards in all of its data gathering and processing activities. However, Watermaster does not warrant the accuracy and usability of this data to third parties. Accordingly, the User of data and other information contained within this website agrees to protect, defend and hold harmless Watermaster and WEI, their officers, officials or employees from all claims, liabilities, expenses or damages of any nature, including attorneys fees, for any liabilities of any kind arising out of or in connection with the work, operation or activities of User, its agents, employees and subcontractors in the use of data or other information  obtained by  User  from  Watermaster’s website and/or FTP site.

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