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Water SplashWatermaster Administration is based on day-to-day operations and extensive communication to meet requirements of the judgment and the court. The efficiency and effectiveness of daily operations consist of staff resources to support the Watermaster Board, Advisory Committee, Non-Agricultural Pool, Appropriative Pool, and Agricultural Pool. In an effort to build and develop a strong administrative foundation, Watermaster is required to facilitate the appropriate supporting documentation referencing all water activities involving Watermaster.

Watermaster Staff currently consists of ten employees, headed by the General Manager, to conduct day-to-day business and technical activities of Watermaster. From time to time as necessary to perform its duties, Watermaster also engages services of consultants for special projects. For more information on Employment Resources, see Employment Center.

The main Source of Revenue for the Watermaster are Assessments. The Watermaster levies and collects Administrative Assessments, OBMP Assessments, and Replenishment Assessments. Administrative Assessments are general administrative and special project expenses incurred by Watermaster. These administrative expenses are allocated and assessed to the respective pools based on allocations made by Watermaster. Special project expenses are allocated to the specific pool by express assent and findings of benefits by the applicable pool committee, or pursuant written order of the court.

OBMP Assessments are allocated by Watermaster to the Pools, to implement the OBMP, including OBMP Assessments to be levied and collected by the Watermaster pursuant to the recharge facilities. The Peace Agreement states that the OBMP is categorized as Administrative Assessments under the Judgment.

The Watermaster levies Replenishment Assessments to purchase replenishment water to replace production by any Pool during the preceding year which exceeds such Pool's allocated safe yield. The Judgment states that Watermaster may hold and invest any and all Watermaster Investment funds authorized for public agencies of the State of California. The State of California statutes and the Watermaster's investment policy authorize Watermaster to invest in certificates of deposit with financial institutions having an operating branch within the Watermaster geographic area, Investment Trust of California (CalTrust), the State of California's Treasurer's Investment pool, and the Local Agency Investment Fund (LAIF). Watermaster is a voluntary participant in LAIF.

Watermaster Financial Statements are prepared on the modified accrual basis of accounting. Revenues are accrued when they become both measurable and available. These statements are audited by an outside independent audit firm, in accordance with the general auditing standards accepted by the United States of America. The financial position of the Watermaster is a result of Watermaster operations for the year then ends in conformity with accounting principles accepted by the United States of America.


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