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Watermaster Forms

Watermaster Forms can be printed or saved onto your desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device. The forms include fillable form fields which allows you to complete them digitally. Once you've completed the form, you may either sign it digitally and submit via email, or hand sign a printed copy and then scan, fax, or mail it back to Watermaster. For your convenience, some forms may include a button which will launch the email submission process. Alternatively, you may print out a blank form to be completed entirely by hand. If filling out by hand, please write legibly to avoid any possible delays in the processing of your form.

Rules and Regulations' Article X Forms:
Application for Local Storage Agreement
Application for Supplemental Water Recharge (Approved for use on November 17, 2016.)
Request to Recharge Supplemental Water by a Person (Approved for use on November 17, 2016.)
Report of Supplemental Water Recharge by a Person (Approved for use on November 17, 2016.)
Supplemental Water Recharge Process
(3) Application for Sale or Transfer of Right to Produce Water from Storage,
(4) Application or Amendment to Application to Recapture Water in Storage, &
(5) Application to Transfer Annual Production Right or Safe Yield
Application by a Party to the Judgment to Participate in a Storage and Recovery Program
Application for Reimbursement or Credit Against OBMP Assessment
Standard Local Storage Agreement
Voluntary Agreement for Service to an Agricultural Pool Party by an Appropriative Pool Party
Standard Form Regarding Provision of Service to a Non-Agricultural Pool Party by an Appropriative Pool Party
Notice of Land-Use Conversion
Addendum to "Notice of Land Use Conversion, Form 11"

Exhibit "G" Water Transaction Forms:
Non-Agricultural Pool Party Wishing to Sell Exhibit "G" Water
Appropriative Pool Party Wishing to Purchase Exhibit "G" Water
Notice of Elective Transfer for Desalter Replenishment

Data and Information Request Forms:
Request for Information Related to the Chino Basin
Online Form to Request for Information Related to the Chino Basin
Consent to Release Private Data by Owner

Watermaster Representative Forms:
Monthly Meeting Stipend Claim
Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification
Compensation Election
Compensation Waiver
Proxy Designation

Other Watermaster Forms:
Request To Intervene By Owner
Final Discharge Data Submittal to Obtain Credit for Discharge of Development Water Captured at Recharge Basins



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