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 20110124 Stipulation to continue defendant city of Chino's motion under paragraph 15.pdf2019-08-28 12:36 648K 
 20110126 Order Granting Motion to Re-Appoint Nine-Member Watermaster Board for A Further 5-year Term.pdf2019-08-28 12:36 523K 
 20110203 Court of Appeal Order re Paragraph 31 Appeal Briefing Schedule .pdf2019-08-28 12:36 600K 
 20110311 Paragraph 31 Motion Appeal Non-Agricultural Pool Opening Brief.pdf2019-08-28 12:36 3.2M 
 20110331 Notice of Continuance of April 22, 2011 Status Conference.pdf2019-08-28 12:36 681K 
 20110407 Paragraph 31 Appeal Opening Briefs by Non- Ag Pool and CSI.pdf2019-08-28 12:36 3.9M 
 20110603 Watermaster Reply Brief.pdf2019-08-28 12:36 2.5M 
 20110624 Notice of Continuance of July 8, 2011 Status Conference.pdf2019-08-28 12:36 659K 
 20110719 Notice of Change of Address.pdf2019-08-28 12:36 515K 
 20110726 Respondent Appropriative Pool's Brief.pdf2019-08-28 12:36 1.3M 
 20110907 Notice of Continuance of Sept 30, 2011 Status Conference.pdf2019-08-28 12:36 360K 
 20111003 Motion for Approval of WM Resolution 2010-04 Section 1 of 3.pdf2019-08-28 12:36 8.1M 
 20111003 Motion for Approval of WM Resolution 2010-04 Section 2 of 3.pdf2019-08-28 12:36 5.9M 
 20111003 Motion for Approval of WM Resolution 2010-04 Section 3 of 3.pdf2019-08-28 12:36 6.2M 
 20111004 Notice of Submittal of proposed Order re WM Resolution 2010-04.pdf2019-08-28 12:36 1.0M 
 20111025 Notice of Submittal of Supp Dec. of D. Alvarez in support of motion_ Approval of WM Res 2010-04_Status and Annual Reports_confirm. of GE in non-ag pool; Submittal of Revised Restated Judgment.pdf2019-08-28 12:36 9.2M 
 20111028 Appellant's Reply Brief.pdf2019-08-28 12:36 1.5M 
 20111028 Appellant California Steel Industries Inc's Reply Brief.PDF2019-08-28 12:36 1.3M 
 20111101 Notice of Rulings; Order After Hearing on Motion for Approval of WM Res 2010-04.pdf2019-08-28 12:36 866K 
 20111213 Notice of Ex Parte Motion and Ex Parte Motion to request 180-day ext of time re filing of RMP status report; Proposed Order .pdf2019-08-28 12:36 948K 
 20111216 Order Granting Ex Parte Motion to Request Extension of Time.pdf2019-08-28 12:36 386K