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 20140714 Notice of Ruling re Amendment to Judgment.pdf2019-08-28 09:43 150K 
 20140825 Notice of Ruling re Board Compensation.pdf2019-08-28 09:43 539K 
 20150514 NAP Public Report and Resolution.pdf2019-08-28 09:43 113K 
 20170428 Orders for WM Motion re 2015 SYRA, Amendment of Restated Judgment, Paragraph 6.pdf2019-08-28 09:44 14M 
 20190315 Findings and Order re Amendments to Restated Judgment, Peace Agreement, Peace ll Agreement and Re-Operation Schedule.pdf2019-08-28 09:43 930K 
 20190315 Order re Amendment of Pooling Plan for the Non Ag Pool.pdf2019-08-28 09:44 338K 
 20190315 Order re Amendment of Pooling Plan of the Appropriative Pool.pdf2019-08-28 09:44 647K 
 20200626 Order re Paragraph 36.pdf2020-08-11 10:40 1.6M 
 20200731 Order re Paragraph 6.pdf2020-08-11 10:41 2.7M 
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